Why should I use My Dose Coach™?

My Dose Coach helps both patients and HCPs as the patients work toward their individualized FBG goal.

My Dose Coach can help you

  • initiate your adult patients with type 2 diabetes who are starting, continuing, or switching their once-daily long-acting basal insulin and help them work toward their individualized FBG goal

  • send customized dose titration instructions to each patient’s smartphone

  • update your patients’ dose plan according to real-time feedback from their smartphone that shows their progress

My Dose Coach can help your patients

  • work toward their FBG goal by allowing them to follow their daily dose plan while enabling them to visually review and follow their progress. No dose calculations are required—dose recommendations are automatically sent to each patient’s smartphone

  • remember to check and enter their FBG readings with daily reminders

  • remember to take and record the amount of their injected insulin dose