Integrating My Dose Coach™ Into Your Practice


The journey begins with an office visit and continues as you and your adult patient with type 2 diabetes work together toward his or her target fasting blood glucose (FBG) level.

Diagnosis and treatment

My Dose Coach is intended for use by adult patients with type 2 diabetes to enable a physician or Health Care Provider (HCP) to help implement an individualized dose plan and recommend a next dose for a once-daily long-acting basal insulin, based on patient-provided blood glucose values.

The Role of Insulin

  • Explain to the patient what insulin is and why the patient now needs to take it

  • Discuss how titrating the patient’s basal insulin will help the patient work toward his or her FBG goal

  • An individualized basal insulin dose plan is created and reviewed with the patient

Patient Selection

You determine whether the patient can use the app safely and follow a prescribed dose plan.

Patients must be at least 18 years old and able to

  • titrate their doses up to 6 months based on the recommendations in the app

  • use the app 2 times per day, once to record their FBG level and once to inject their once-daily basal insulin

Introducing My Dose Coach

  • You create the patient profile in the My Dose Coach HCP portal

  • Once the patient’s profile is completed, you create the custom dose plan via the My Dose Coach HCP portal

  • After you create the dose plan, you then send the custom dose plan to your patient’s smartphone

  • Introduce My Dose Coach to your patient by using the My Dose Coach counseling resource (flip chart), which is included in the HCP welcome kit

  • Encourage your patients to download the app while they are in your office

Patient Activation

Upon receiving the link, the patient activates My Dose Coach by tapping the link and then entering his or her first and last name and date of birth

Ongoing Use

  • You can view and review the patient inputs in real time through the HCP portal

  • Updates can be made by the HCP to the dose plan at any time. When a dose plan is updated and sent to the patient, his or her dose plan is updated the next time the patient opens the app to enter the FBG and/or insulin units injected

  • A patient’s dose plan may be deactivated at any time by portal users who have the required permission. Permissions are granted to system users by administrators according to the user’s role